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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Sergio Paul Delacroix (24 Years)Male/El Salvador Groups :iconthekeystothekingdom: TheKeysToTheKingdom
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Sergio Paul Delacroix (24 Years)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
El Salvador
:bulletblack: Allow me to introduce myself:

I am Sergio Paul Delacroix. An inspired Self-Taught Artist who wants to keep learning more and Improve his drawing skills to be able to draw his dreams and what is hidden in his imagination. My fascinations (as you have noticed) are Landscapes and Colours (Rainbows). Wich i really like to observe, apreciatte and enjoy while i see the world. I have currently started to work with Digital Art wich has become my new hobby, and indeed i hope to give a contribution someday and help more people to inspire themselves.

:bulletblack: What am i doing in my Daily Life?

Currently i am waiting my graduation from Industrial Engineering on the National University of El Salvador, wich i am satisfied to have acomplished. In my free time, besides drawing, i read Books about Physics (an extension of my University studies) and Fantasy (to inspire myself), watch documentals, and investigate about the Spiritual nature of men wich has been lost since Science and Life got separated years ago, and indeed caught my interest.

:bulletblack: What about my Art?

I have worked all the time with Traditional Art since 2010 when i started drawing. The media i use in all my Traditional drawings are Color Pencils and Ballpoint Pens. In 2013 i added Digital Art to my tools wich will allow me to reach more horizons, introduce myself into new areas, and help me to grow as an Artist.

:bulletblack: My History?

"A man strong man well versed in the traditional ways stepped into a new world, He is shaken but what he draws into with his mind and body but he shall never faulty the path before him instead he will learn and grow upon it's vast new land"

Wayne Barlowe
Laurie Lipton
deviantART has been the most positive change to my life, it woke up and released my passion to art when i was 17 years old, back in 2009 i think. It was one of the few "before and after" moments in my short life. Without its influence i wouldn't have been inspired and acomplished the things i have done, the works in wich i have suceeded and the skills i have learned. It made me feel diferent, it helped me to discover my true self. It gave me an identity. Just look at my bedroom wall:

My bedroom wall, filled with my drawings after all this time

This year i finished all my 49 subjects to get the Industrial Engineer degree without failing a single subject, i did 970 social hours and helped the Engineering Faculty with my art & design knowledge to make my University a better place by designing posters for congress, seminars, student asociations and else.

After 5 years, everything is finished. No more classes, no more homework, no more tests. University is (almost) complete, currently i am doing the graduation work wich is a document that usually takes around 9 months to complete, its a requisite to graduate.

It's done. Time goes fast, right? Last saturday we took a photo of Industrial Engineering Graduates, i am the one on the far right.

2016 Industrial Engineering Photo with my friends. Great people!

The truth is that after all this years i dont feel complete at all (yet) because i left and forgot the place that planted the seed of my identity. My last drawing is from 2013. What's the point of all sucess when you have forgot your roots? Currently i am working in the Digital Marketing - Graphic Design enviroment on a gourmet bar-restaurant, a gourmet bakery and with my brother. I am proud of my work there, that art is my work and i know i can do better. But that wouldn't have been possible without deviantART as the catalyst that started everything 6 years ago, on 2009. deviantART, in fact, is my Gear of Change.

My point with this journal entry is to tell the importance of deviantART in my life as the catalyst of change, the seed of my artistic accomplishments and artistic advance when i was 17 years old, and now that i am 23... i am gratefull for it. What has been deviantART for you? What you are right now is what you were 5 years ago? What's left now? 

I would be happy to hear :)


Its good to have references, so i can draw architecture. I have always respected photographers because they can find the perfect angle,...

I have always been a huge fan of the ballpoint pen works. I like to see the effort the artist do to draw, with his skill, beautifull wo...


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shellz-art Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Professional General Artist
You're still here! :D Ahhh. Long time no speak. Hope you're doing well !
Paulcellx Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Long time no talking! I am so glad to hear about you Shellz! I saw your gallery and i am very happy to see you have improved so much in your art - in fact you have improved so much and i am so happy that you remember me! :) This called my attention, i will coment them soon!  The Rock of Cashel by shellz-art
shellz-art Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional General Artist
I knoww! How time has flown by. Aw and thank you very much my friend! I assume you have been keeping very busy? Have you posted any new work lately? Hope you're doing well!
3wyl Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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Kaviix Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Student General Artist
say something crazy dont give up on me
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